Juan Ospina

Jennifer Hay

Juan Ospina is a seasoned flautist who hails from the town of Bucaramanga, Colombia. Juan’s talents have taken him around the world to perform for many people, and over many mediums. His education began at the National University of Colombia where he earned a Bachelor of Music degree. This then led him to Texas where he received a flute performance degree from Texas Christian University, and garnered The Outstanding Musician Award in 2013-14. Education has always been an area of focus for Juan — With learning and also teaching in programs such as: The B Sharp Youth Music Program, and private flute instruction for various Independent School Districts in the greater Dallas/Fort Worth area. Juan has also toured with prestigious groups of musicians, such as: Ronnie Heart (Electro Funk), Real Charanga (Salsa group), Mucho Indio (contemporary indigenous Latin American group), Maria Mulata (music from the Colombian Pacific), Bereket (Turkish and Middle-Eastern music), Guafa trio (Colombian/venezuelan music). He also has performed with orchestral organizations like the Dallas Opera, Las Colinas Orchestra, Grapevine Orchestra, Symphony Orchestra of Colombia, and Philharmonic Orchestra of Bogota. Even with a robust list of educational and group performance endeavors, Juan’s passion for creation still runs forth in his recordings of original music with his band “Olemano”, arranging and composing, collaborating with local artists on video productions, and various other fusions of art and music.