Austin Kroll

Jennifer Hay

Austin Lee Kroll is a transplant musician of Fort Worth, Texas from Yuma, Arizona. He first found an interest with music when he was 11 years old; all credit to the styles of punk music as his first influences to learn the trombone. Being involved with school band expanded his affinity for the peculiar and picturesque universe of music, however, he still maintained a strong desire to perform with his friends in their punk band. Slowly increasing curiosities of music had him more involved with traditional styles such as marching band, symphonic band, and jazz band. After graduating from Kofa High School in 2008, he had decided to wait to attend college and pursue music on his own accord. Doing so introduced him to music production methods as well as a plethora of specific styles of untraditional music. It was then he began developing a passion for guitar through the songs of Nick Drake and the compositions of Antonio Lauro. He attended Arizona Western College acquiring the fundamentals of theory and classical guitar technique before moving to Fort Worth in 2011 to further pursue the greater opportunities of music. With open mic nights being the beginning of solo performances outside of the traditional setting and the motley assembly of alternative music bands, he began teaching private lessons out of his own house. Quickly developing an interest in hosting musical tutelage, he returned to school at Tarrant County College to further pursue a deeper understanding of what it means to teach as a music teacher. Whilst a student, Austin remained as a private instructor for both his own private students and at Music Junkie Studios. For now, he has decided to put school on hold to focus more in the field as an educator with the B Sharp Youth Music Program and as a performer for a variety of groups in Dallas/Fort Worth.