El Sistema

The El Sistema Music Revolution:  Jose Antonio Abreu

How music saved Venezuela’s children

Changing Lives:  El Sistema FAQ’s

Time to embrace arts education as a priority

Music & the Brain

Children’s Brains develop FASTER with Music Training

What playing a musical instrument does to your BRAIN!

This is your brain.  This is your brain on music.

Hearing The Music

Music Makes You a Better Reader

Music Lessons Were the Best Thing Your Parents Did For You

Music Education Could Close the Achievement Gap

What does the inside of your head look like when you sing?

Music Education is the KEY to raising literacy and numeracy standards

10 Reasons Making Music is Good for your BRAIN

National SAT Score Comparison (students in Fine Arts vs. students NOT in Fine Arts)

String players’ brains

Music & Language Skills

Scientific reasons to teach music in schools

Math behind the beats!

How playing music changes the learning brain

Music in the brain

Social & Emotional Behavior

Boys Town Education Model

Music spurs emotional/behavior growth

What’s Grit?

Five ways to teach GRIT

Teaching through relationships

Music education requires kids to invest in themselves

Emotional learning is as important as the ABC’s

Benefits of Music

Benefits of Playing Music

The Benefits of Music Education

Why Listening to Music is Good for your Health!

Why children should be exposed to classical music…

Long term benefits of music lessons

20 Important Benefits of Music in our Schools

Music boosts auditory processing

Music as a language


Seven amazing things science has discovered about music

Why making music matters!

Why I’m glad I participated in my school’s music program!

Music Infusion / Arts in the Classroom

Educators want to pair MATH and MUSIC

Arts in the classroom

Project Based Learning

Expeditionary Learning

Creating a learning community

How integrating arts into other subjects makes learning come alive

Miscellaneous Music Musings

Is Music the KEY to Success?

New Research Shows Listening to Music Actually Alters Your GENES in Surprising Ways

Conducting with Marin Alsop

How to read music

When to clap at the symphony

An illuminated visualization of Bach’s The Well Tempered Clavier

The Power of Music

10 reasons musicians are more successful

Pipe Dream Animation

Music instrument using 20 marbles

Starship Groove Animation


Classics for Kids

Speed Note Reading Game from Vic Firth

Music Tech Teacher – fun music games for everyone!

Score Big Music Games

Super Duper Note Name Game

Ultimate list of online music games

Chrome music lab

Guess the animal represented by the music

Kidzone – NY Phil

Lines & Spaces Games

Making Music Fun

Piano Education Resource Guide

Musical Playground for Kids!

The Wide World of Music:  An Interactive Guide to 100 Musical Instruments

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