What does the program look like for my child?
Students who enroll in the B Sharp POC at Como Elementary begin in Kindergarten or 1st Grade with all B Sharp POC students together in a classroom by grade level. The state required curriculum frameworks is followed using a music-infused approach by the academic teachers.  In addition to the academic curriculum, students receive instruction from a B Sharp instructor in music theory, rhythm, social skills, and playing a musical instrument.  POC students also participate in the fine arts rotation (art, P.E., & music) with all other elementary students.

What classes are available at Como Elementary in the B Sharp Program of Choice for the 2016/2017 school year?
There will be one 1st grade, one 2nd grade, one 3rd grade, and two 4th grade POC classes in the 2016-2017 school year.  The POC class size is limited to 22 students.

What is a music-infused curriculum?
A music-infused curriculum means that the POC classroom teachers and POC B Sharp teachers have identified, with the help of curriculum experts in FWISD, key themes that are used in all instruction. The POC team shares ideas as a group regarding activities, vocabulary and natural connections to music. The music-infused curriculum begins in Kindergarten/1st grade and continues through the 5th grade. Students will continue to have at least 45 minutes of B Sharp music time within the school day.

Who are the classroom instructors and the B Sharp instructors for the POC?
The classroom instructors are FWISD Como Elementary grade level teachers with strong backgrounds in music and the arts. The B Sharp music instructors are all part of the B Sharp team and are exceptional musicians with a desire to teach young children. All instructors are aware of the research linking music instruction and enhanced brain activity.

What other opportunities are associated with the B Sharp Program of Choice?
Students in 2nd-5th grade will be eligible and encouraged to participate in the free, extended day B Sharp After School program. The extended day program runs from Monday through Thursday from 3:00-5:30pm and on Friday from 3:00-5:00pm.

Students in 6th-8th grade will hopefully strive to earn a position at the FWISD Visual and Performing Arts Preparatory Academy at Monnig Middle School.  These students will also have the opportunity to participate in the B Sharp Youth Orchestra, a free youth orchestra open to all middle and high school band and orchestra students in FWISD.

What Discipline Management Plan is followed at the B Sharp POC?
We follow the B Sharp Youth Music Program Discipline Management Plan during B Sharp POC classes.

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