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With over 100 “likes” on Facebook & Instagram, the title of B Sharp Holiday Photo Contest Winner officially goes to this super festive photo from our CLARINETS!
Congratulations to everyone involved! All photos were awesome!
Our “clarisharps” will help us spread holiday cheer on our social media throughout December! Congratulations to Ms. Mona, Ms. Cristal, and the B Sharp Clarinets!!!

The B Sharp Story is shared below in a special video featuring our spectacular musicians!

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Have you seen the amazing B Sharp Dream Team’s latest video!?!
Check out The Lines and Spaces Song!

“The Lines and Spaces Song”

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50Harmonizing wout housesB Sharp is a phenomenal program that inspires the children to want to learn and grow and, more importantly, to know that they are capable of learning anything.”

– Pia Patterson, B Sharp parent

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